martedì 10 giugno 2008

Second day of the Enterprise 2.0 conf

the morning begin with a powerful headache. Your special agent Michele is ready for action.
After some liters of Starbuck, auto brewed in room, bold coffee I went into the lobby for the breakfast. Light breakfast with a lot of fruit to avoid heavy digestion.

At 8.20 meet a collegue and take place in the big empty and freezed conference room for the keynotes. Network wifi support, here in Westin, become worst every minutes.

After a brief introduction, the first speach is by Fedex that illustrate us how the network evolves. And they are a phisical network, with a lot of IT network, to deliver on time services.
Next google talk us about their network application, and working in the cloud. Temperature goes down, and I must dress me more ! Outside is 35C and inside is 16!

After Google, there is a fun, interesting and more community oriented speech by AIIM that summons on "Age doesn't matter. Culture matters". This has been my preferred morning sketch because presented by two people that interact between them. Not the classical client-server presentation in enterprise 1.0 style.

Meanwhile the wifi network is a yo-yo. Available for seconds and off for minutes. That network instability demonstrated us that connectivity is most important.

The last speech of the morning is from SocialText. Gregory Webb talk about putting Social Software 2.0 to work for organization. I found some of ideas of the developer 2.0, in that speech, especially regarding the Social Spreadsheet. A spreadsheet that is able to host in each cell a wiki page. It's a good starting point to have one-place to create a software product, made up of lot of pieces with different menas ( code, alghoritms, documentation, explanation, test ).

Then the pavillions with demo and stands open, with 2 hours available to visit each stand and have lunch. Offer by Oracle. Today's lunch is cold buffet, with some pasta (ultra-cooked), some mexican like tortillas, chicken and chicken sandwich. No fruits at all, and iced green tea for drinks.

After this, I need and I deserve a Lobster at Oyster Union House. But this is another story.

In the afternoon
, at 13.30 a talk from Thomas Vander Wal. About tags, and usage of tagging in corporation. Some goods idea, some interesting topics that refine my idea of tagging. When tagging focus on "Human, object, related terms".

Next speech is a panel of bloggers that try to describe us the importance of logging, upon their experience. Blogs are very personal, but social creature; blogs are a sort of need to be connected to others. A lesson learned from them is blogging is about telling others how do you live/work/act. A good example is the blog "Running an hospital" that help CEO (the blogger) to communicate with others.

After speechs, back into pavillion to look at demoes (Social Spreadsheet) and tools available.

But the best has to come.

Dinner at Union Oyster House with
"Lazy Man Lobster".

Lazy Man because Lobster is ready to eat, without the difficult part of cut and crunch it (and seems like a tourist).

It has been an hard day, full of new things, thinks and learns. This conference is not so social oriented, it's in standard client-server mode. A really hard part is finding some commons stuff to create interest in peoples to start a discussion or creating a contacts; and not beeing english motherlanguage doesn't help at all.

Boston images available