venerdì 13 giugno 2008

Fourth day of the Enterprise 2.0 conf

Day four is been full of stuff to do and no minutes to waiste. Starting with a ealy breakfast, with a round trip in the lounge and breakfast room to search for and talk with people.

After breakfast Hotel checkout items. Funny, it's first time I do an "express checkout". No human interface. Only check the bill and put the authorization for the expenses into a bowl.
Thinking about how no-social is, and on the other side time and resource save for the infrastructure; however standard checkout is available. I, as a digital social community oriented, choose for express checkout and invoice via e-mail.

The first speech I attend is about opensource and Enterprise 2.0. Three opensource party:
Bob bickel: for ringside. A new company thatis focus on creating a new community open source platform.
John Newton: Alfresco. CMS is transforming. Content as a service, in the enterprise but coming also from customer.
Jeff Whatcodd, acquia. Acquia is building opensource on Drupal. 2.0 success with 2.0 features.
Networking works fine in this session.

Session two is the "Lockeed Martin case study". The hall was over full. No seat available, and no air to breath. I attended, with others 10, all the speech standing up.
Interesting case, but at the end of the day is another "networking" oriented platform. We have wiki, we have blog, we have networking. On top of Sharepoint.

The third and last speech was a panel of bloggers that talk about "Microbologgin". Panel is @chrisbrogan @pistachio @dennishowlett @1938media @rhappe.

Some interensting stuff comes out from that discussion. At first point no one is able to convince on implementation/success case of microblog in enterprise.
Some random notes:
@crisbrogan says brevity scares the enterprise. This tools need serving suggestion. sharing, presence, journalism, styleish ...
@pistachio: sharing business card is superorganize. against community.
twitter allows natural ways to connect and exchange. Culturally shocking allow people communicate at different level. Twitter is not ready for the enterprise
@dennishowlett the most important thing out there for you, if you have one, regardless, is your blog, personal & enterprise. they follow me. I dont care to follow them.
@rhappe: information that go out of the enterprise, cannot be regulated.

I learned the concept of "Continous Partial Attention" that define in a amazing way the approach of microblogging. After the panel, a little break and then in the hall, for a wrap up.

An easy retrospective. Fun is apologize about the awkward wifi (that worked well only when we were leaving) and the request -I agree at all- of more warm environment; we where in a freezer. And it's time to leave, with purpose of join in Enterprise 2009 - will be 2.1 ?

Thankyou all for the great event.