lunedì 9 giugno 2008

First day in Enterprise 2.0 conf

Enterprise 2.0, Boston 9 June 2008
this message comes directly from Boston, from your special agent Michele.

This has been the first day in participating at the Enterprise 2.0 conference.
Overall satisfaction for the day is medium; I've got some difficult in finding people to talk with. Every one seems to me too young or too stranger to get a conversation. Maybe I'm not in the social community mood. :-) My few attempts all failed, with conversation fall down, after some minutes of me talking about my work and asking about others motivation in attending the conference.

Morning speech
The morning started at 8am, after a sleepless night. During the checking phase I met Emanuele Quintarelli the only one Italian meet today.

Today focus is on tutorials for introducing people into the 2.0 paradigm. My first speech I attend is titled: Threat and Vulnerability Management in the Enterprise 2.0 World

The topic is really interesting and I believe is an hot spot of Enterprise 2.0. The speech is interesting, but no 2.0 oriented. Each concepts, issue, threat, risk, mitigation John talked about are really present (and well known) into the "traditional" enterprise.

Relevance is done to the fact that "data is global" and emerged the interesting definition and concept of "security by compliance". After 3 hours (and one 15 minutes break) my conclusion is:
concerns, threat, risk and mitigation are same that in the past. Take care of the increased communication between parts and distribution of data.

The speech end at 12.15 and we have lunch, offered by Microsoft.

This is the first time in my life, that Microsoft offer me something. The lunch was in a "italian" mood:
  • some salads
  • gnocchi with pomodoro and pesto
  • broccoli spiced with aglio and peperoncino
  • salmon spiced with salsa verde,
  • bruschetta aglio e pecorino
  • cannoli, cantuccini.
A good idea, good tastes and parfumes, but too much garlic. Taste so good, but so heavy.

Afternoon speech

After lunch, at 13.30 start the Dion Hinchcliff event, titled Implementing Enterprise 2.0: Exploring the Tools and Techniques of Emergent Change.

The room was overcapacity, there was no fresh air and a heavy garlic ambient. Due to garlic, wifi network stop working, so no post available.

First part, before break at 15.00 was a theorical part with state of the art definition of Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 paradigm. Nothing in deep detail, it's all about common sense :-).

I feel and I believe in all values in 2.0, from communities to change relationship/IOC; so no news during Dion speech, but a lot of well presented concept and information. Very useful for novice of 2.0 values.

15 minutes break.

Restart after break with tools presentation that seems to me too much structured to be a community tools; too many click and too information on a screen. First impression is an "old style" application with 2.0 concepts (tagging). Some interesting concept are implemented, like a
  • lean enterprise integration bus, that enable SOA into 2.0
  • lot of widget done for principals IT infrastructures.
After a brief talk and indication for tools to be used, the talk ends, full of garlic flavour.
To be honest I had a lot of expectation on this speech, but it has been only an introducton of Enterprise 2.0. I see, it's in the tutorial day and is used to introduce people.
The speech end at 17.05, as it ends, the wifi network started works.

At 17.00 starts a new topic, very interesting with title "An Evening in the Cloud". Amazon, Google and Salesforce responds to question by customer from California Public Utilities Commission, Sudler & Hennessey (Medical Corporation), Object Management Group and Northeastern University.

Discussion has been very fun and interesting with clarification and presentation of services by vendor, and question regarding: security, scalability, vendor lock-it, privacy, data migration, indipendence of energy generation and environment sustainability.
With wifi on, I made a good session and twitter reportage.

After the speech, at 19.30 a brief buffet offered by vendors, with purpose to meet people and eat something. At 20.30 almost all people is leaving the party, going to relaxing and rest for tomorrow.

Images available.